(Runs concurrently with Alpha)
Runs from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm on Tuesdays in September & October, 2017.
Supper and childcare provided.
Lead by: Pastors Danny Smith & Joe Gosbee


Intended for those who have already taken Alpha and are looking for the next step in learning more about being a follower of Jesus.
In this era the amount of knowledge we can know doubles every couple of years. And yet humankind doesn’t seem to be any wiser; the same problems and sins that abounded thousands of years ago are still with us today. Knowledge is important, but if it’s not applied in a wise manner it won’t make us better people. In the same way, the disciple of Jesus Christ has to be careful about one of two extremes: living a zealous life for God without taking the time to learn biblical truth or amassing biblical knowledge without applying God’s wisdom to one’s daily life. This is why HEART & MIND DISCIPLESHIP emphasizes discipleship of heart and mind.
As believers grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and also mature in their application of it in their personal and public life, they will be more effective and more fulfilled disciples. Many have grown up in the church and yet have never been challenged or taught how to integrate biblical truth into their daily lives. This study seeks to engage the believer at two levels, the heart and mind; more than just another academic exercise, it is designed to help people serve the Lord and their neighbor as they are empowered by the Holy Spirit.
The goal of the Heart and Mind Discipleship program is to provide the church and home groups with a resource that will enable new converts and those who desire to grow in their faith to take that “next step” toward Christian maturity and discipleship.