To kick off the fall at MBC during September and October we will be meeting on Tuesday nights at 5:30 pm for an exciting night of learning, growth, and fellowship. 
Wherever you happen to be at in your faith journey (questioning, seeking, new follower of Jesus, or long time Christian) there is something for you. 
We have three great options for you to choose from:
Supper will be served and child care is available. So please make plans to join us for 1 NIGHT / 3 OPTIONS.
Which program should I choose?
Please read over the following guide to help you choose which program is best for you:
Alpha is for those who have questions about faith, life, meaning and so on. It is a non-threatening place to begin the journey of investigating the claims of Christianity.
If you are not a follower of Jesus but have questions, if you are a new believer and have never taken Alpha, or if you have been in church for a while but are just beginning to take faith seriously and want a starting place then Alpha is for you.
*Please note, if you took Alpha last year and are hoping to return to the program again this year, you need to bring with you a friend who has not taken Alpha previously in order to be eligible to attend a second time.
EHS is for followers of Jesus who recognize that their emotional health is hindering their spiritual health and who are looking for a safe and encouraging environment to begin the journey towards true emotional healing.
If you have past hurts that continue to influence your life today, if you’ve reached a brick wall in your spiritual growth, or if you want good tools to help you on your Christian journey then EHS is for you.
If you have already taken Alpha and you are looking for the next step to help you go deeper in faith as a follower of Jesus then HMD is for you. This program will equip you to grow in your faith.
How long does each program run for?
Alpha, EHS, and HMD will all run for 9 weeks. The first night is Tuesday, September 5 and the last night is Monday, October 30. Please note that we will typically meet on Tuesday nights during September and October but on the final night (Oct. 30) we will be meeting on a Monday night instead.
What will a typical night look like?
Everyone will gather at 5:30 in the Family Life Centre for a meal together. After the meal the folks taking Alpha will remain in the Family Life Centre to watch a video and after the video they will break up into smaller groups for discussion. The folks taking EHS and HMD will head to their own groups immediately following the meal for teaching and discussion together. Children will also head to the Brotherhood Room after the meal for child care. Regardless of what program you choose the evening will wrap-up by 7:30 pm.